IV Hydration therapy is not the only way to hydrate and revitalize your body, but what makes it crucial to think about taking an IV therapy is the fact that by simply taking oral supplements and many glasses of water throughout the day depends heavily on being able to actually digest, break down, and make use of the nutrients in this way; this is called Bio availability.  But we often don’t fully absorb what we eat and drink, and so by trying to give our body what it needs orally when we’re exhausted, worn out or sick, can be a slow, time consuming, and ineffective process.

Now compare that with IV Hydration Therapy. When hydrating, and invigorating the body using IV Hydration, you feel the incredible results of being well hydrated, energized, and “brought back to life” very fast because, IV Hydration pushes the Saline fluids, electrolytes and nutrients directly into your bloodstream where it is immediately used by your body and doesn’t need to be broken down or digested. Your body uses the nutrient-rich hydrating fluids right away because its 100% bioavailable to your body. It’s a safe, fast, and effective way to cure your exhaustion, fatigue, and sickness, powerfully hydrate & detox your body, as well as boost your energy levels.

At IV LUXURY, our skilled nurses use IV Hydration Therapy to revitalize clients with Saline fluids & electrolytes, which hydrate the body and regulate just about every function including muscles, movement, and brain function; all of which affect how we feel. We also infuse IV multivitamins to boost the immune system, as well as other nutrients and IV medications to relieve illnesses such as cold and flus, food poisoning, body toxins and even the dreaded hangover.


Well, you can start by asking yourself these questions: Are you feeling exhausted? Do you feel like you have no energy? Are you having trouble keeping food and drink down because of nausea, sickness, food poisoning, or hangover? Do you have awful headaches or migraines that are ruining your day? Are you simply dehydrated and need to bring yourself back to life?

Then these are all great reasons to get started with IV Hydration Therapy. Always choose an authentic, and well-experienced, IV Hydration services provider. We have board-certified physicians who give complimentary free consultations to all clients, and licensed, professional nurses who are highly skilled, have sweet, caring personalities, and best of all, we are concierge. We make house calls and our nurses come to your door, to do the IV Hydration in the inviting comfort and convenience of your home, office, or hotel. You don’t even need to get off the couch.

Hydration+ (199$)

Had a long sports day and now can’t get out of bed? Let us come to you and give an instant boost of energy with the perfect combination of IV Fluids, nutrients, and multivitamins. Your time and your place because for us it’s YOUR LUXURY that matters the most. The IV Therapy takes less than 45 minutes and as a result, you replenish all the lost minerals and fluids and feel healthy and beautiful right away.

Migraine Rx (269$)

Suffering from a chronic headache lately? Enough of bitter capsules, supplements, and clinic appointments. Now IV Luxury is all set to help you get out of it. We come to your place, treat with sufficient amount of electrolytes and care, and make you FEEL NEW instantly with just a 30 minutes IV Therapy.

Hangover Relief (269$)

Got a little too drunk in last night party? Well, no time for regrets now. We understand and want to make you feel revived and energetic like ever before with a fast therapy, you don’t need to wait in a long queue to get treated, we come and serve at your place with globally recognized products and a certified nurse treats you with expertise.

Revitalize (299$)

Has it been a while not getting enough sleep? Stayed tired and dozy all day long and you still can’t figure out what’s wrong? We got the solution, just drop an email and get an instant IV Therapy of just 45 minutes to fight fatigue and tiredness, and get yourself a new life.

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