About IV Luxury

IV Hydration Therapy injects essential hydrating fluids and electrolytes directly into your bloodstream and provides relief from many ailments related to dehydration. Managed by proficient, licensed and skilled nurses, our IV therapy is not only safe but is also highly effective and not to mention fast acting. The fluid solution is directly injected into a vein making it immediately available to the body for healing, recovery, and energy.

What are the benefits of IV Therapy?

IV Therapy provides various benefits depending on the conditions that have to be treated. Some benefits that patients may experience include:

  • Increased energy and fatigue reduction through a well hydrated body
  • Better sports performance
  • Better healing and recovery
  • Boosted immune system
  • Stress relief
  • Relief from Hangover and its effects such as headache ,dizziness, fatigue, nausea & anxiety
  • Relief from Dehydration and its side effects.

Our IV Therapies help to Relieve Hangovers, Boost Energy, Fight Allergies, help cure Cold and Flu Symptoms, Relieve Fatigue, Jetlag, and just about any symptom of Dehydration. We infuse various vitamins and nutrients into our drips such as Vitamin B, B12, and Vitamin C, to add in even more rejuvenating impact in treating many dehydration ailments. IV therapy is so powerful that patients benefit from it within 45minutes, feeling revived and rejuvenated all day long!

Who can benefit with IV Therapy?

IV Therapy enhances the overall health and wellness and also treats many ailments. It can benefit anyone who suffers from cold and flu, dehydration, jetlag, fatigue, hangover, seasonal allergies, etc.

Why choose IV Luxury’s Hydration Therapies?

One of the best parts about IV LUXURY’s Hydration Therapy is that just about anyone can benefit from the services in as little as 45 minutes yet the benefits last all day long. Our services are also concierge meaning we provide in-home therapy, so traveling to a hospital or walk-in clinic is not a burden that you have to bear.

IV LUXURY’s team of professional and well- trained staff are just a call away. Your health is everything to us and we want you to be well.

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