We come to your door because we know it’s hard to travel and exert yourself when you’re dehydrated, depleted, and in pain.


IV nutrient therapy is safe, effective, and not to mention fast-acting! Our therapies have been used for years as healing, rejuvenating, and anti-aging treatments.


Right into your veins. Our IV drips inject essential hydrating fluids, electrolytes, & nutrients directly into your bloodstream to immediately provide relief from many ailments related to dehydration.


IV Hydration Therapy will quickly relieve you from the exhaustive effects of dehydration, Hangovers, tiredness, headaches, flu, jetlag, and other conditions resulting from Dehydration.

About IV Luxury

We’re on a mission to help you feel your best and heal from the worst in the quickest way possible. We are board-certified physicians & proficient, licensed and skilled registered nurses dedicated to your healing. IV LUXURY’s reliable health care staff will provide you with a stress relieving, luxurious service of IV hydration therapy which will heal your mind and body from the harmful effects of dehydration. Our IV therapy is not only safe but is also highly effective and not to mention fast acting. The fluid solution is directly injected into a vein making it immediately available to the body for healing, recovery, and energy. For your convenience, we come to you and perform the IV therapy in the comfort of your own home, private office, or hotel room.


Beautiful Water

IV Fluids/Electrolytes.

Vitamin B12 Energy

Reduces tiredness, replenishes lost electrolytes, restores your well being.

$ 199.00

Night Refined

IV Fluids/Electrolytes.

IV B-12 Energy

IV Pain Relief

IV Anti-Nausea

Cures hangovers quickly, facilitates toxin removal, removes nausea, and relieves headaches.

$ 169.00

Migraine Rx

IV Fluids/Electrolytes

IV Multivitamins

IV Pain Relief

For treatment of migraines and headaches.

$ 169.00


IV Fluids / Electrolyte

Hydrates you, reduces tiredness, replenishes lost electrolytes, restores your well being.

$ 99.00

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What people like you are saying

  • "I work in the cold storage industry. I was feeling sick, tired and drained for a while due to having mold exposure while having asthma. After the IV hydration, it was the first time that I felt better in a while. Nurse Katie was very easy-going and awesome to deal with too. I felt energized & refreshed.
    Tony Kucharski
    President, McCook Cold Storage
  • I called IV LUXURY for an IV hydration on Saturday. I was exhausted and felt like I absolutely had no energy and I wasn't sure if the nurses would be available to drive out to me but what I found that IV LUXURY was very responsive and sent a nurse to my door. I called for a next day appointment and they called right away the same day. What I loved best about the service was their pricing because I've looked at others and IV LUXURY's prices are definitely better, the concierge service was a HUGE convenience factor, and I felt awesome afterwards! Definitely booking again.
  • I had too much to drink and felt pretty sick right before an important event in downtown Chicago that I didn't want to miss. Before the treatment I felt nauseous a horrible headache, & had no energy at all. I had gone to the ER for dehydration & vomiting before  while pregnant and I think it was $500 with insurance and so this was  much better pricing. I didn't know that IV Hydration was available here in Chicago and so when my husband told me, I was all for it.  I didn't have to leave the house, I felt great after, and was able to eat and drink without throwing up. I just had more energy, & my headache and nausea was gone. I actually made it to my event!
    Jennifer Kasdin
    Registrered Yoga Teachera

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Mailing Address

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